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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

#162 The Wild Boar, Warwick : 1998 to 2014

Back in 1998 our trusty narrowboat Emma Jane let us down and we were stranded for two days in Warwick. It was the Bank Holiday weekend and so we couldn't get an engineer to look at the engine until Monday morning. Still, there are many, far worse places that we could have been stranded!

Over those two days we managed to visit a good number of the hostelries in the centre of Warwick. One such was the Park Tavern which we popped into on the evening of Sunday 30th August 1998.
As I recall, we only stayed for one pint and it was a typical boozer, but I don't really remember it much more than that.

Although we've visited Warwick many times since, we didn't venture back until the evening of Saturday 27th September 2014. This is what we found.
A complete transformation! New name - The Wild Boar - and a thorough refurbishment inside turning it into an upmarket real ale venue that also serves food. In a town like Warwick I imagine that it will be a great success, but as a lager drinker it's not necessarily going to be one of my favourites!

From The Wild Boar website I've discovered that it was refurbished and reopened in 2011 and that it is the brewery tap for Slaughterhouse Ales. If you are a real ale fan and you're in Warwick then this would be a great place to visit.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

#161 The Bridge Inn, Chirk Bank, Shropshire : 1996 to 2014

Our first trip along the Llangollen Canal was back in 1996. This photo was taken on the evening of Tuesday 27th August 1996 on our way back from Llangollen.
Back in those days it was a Banks's pub and was a friendly local. In the distance you can see the Chirk Aqueduct and running parallel, but higher, the railway viaduct.

We didn't return until lunchtime on Saturday 1st September 2007, again on the way back from Llangollen.
The outside of the pub had had a complete makeover including an outside terraced seating area. Judging from the date, I assume this outdoor area was installed for the smokers as this was just two months after the smoking ban was introduced.

Our most recent visit was on the evening of Monday 21st April 2014.
It was late as we'd already eaten at The Poacher's where we'd moored. We decided that a stroll was in order to prevent us drinking too much too quickly if we stayed in the same place! There didn't appear to be too many changes and I'm assuming that it is still a Marston's pub.

Subsequently, I've found their website which makes interesting reading. A very pleasant pub and well worth a visit if you are in the neighbourhood.