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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

#024 Radford Bank, Weeping Cross, Stafford : 1991 to 2011

My first experience of this pub was in 1991 on our journey from Wigan to Lapworth. In those days it was called The Trumpet and was a proper pub although I don't really remember too much about it.
 This photo was taken at lunchtime on Sunday 28th July 1991. All I really remember about the visit was that, when we left, the boat wouldn't start and I thought we were going to be stranded there. Mysteriously, though, the engine finally sprang into life and we didn't have any more problems with it on that trip!

It wasn't until 2003 that we made a return visit only to find that it was now called The Radford Bank Inn and that it had become a carvery pub. In many ways this wasn't a problem, except that it was a lunchtime visit and we only wanted a sandwich which they were unable/unwilling to serve.
Photo taken Monday 25th August 2003.

Our next visit was this year and the picture was taken on Sunday 4th September. The place is now called, simply, Radford Bank and is part of the Crown Carvery chain.
Since 2003 it has obviously had a lot of money spent on it to bring it up to standard. As this was a Sunday and one of the few nice days of our holiday the place was packed. This time we were prepared and were happy to eat a carvery which was reasonably good and good value for money. I'm not a great fan of carveries as the food tends to be quite good at best, but they do seem to be very, very popular!!

After finishing our meal in a very crowded downstairs area I discovered a very pleasant bar upstairs (at road level). It was well decorated, clean, modern and you could almost imagine that you were in a proper pub!

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