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Sunday, 12 February 2012

#050 Fox & Grapes, Digbeth 1998 to 2011 (RIP?)

The Fox & Grapes is a pub that I'd visited a few times before I took this picture in 1998. As I recall it was a fairly 'bog standard' boozer and was ideal as a meeting point for an evening's entertainment (either before going into the city or going on to sample the further delights of Digbeth!).
So, this is what it looked like in 1998...and here it is in 2011.
Sadly, it looks to be terminal, but you never know. The whole area is being redeveloped and this is quoted in the "Eastside Masterplan" - 

"There is also potential to incorporate the Fox and Grapes within the new station concourse to enhance design quality."

However, as is usual with developers, they are trying to obtain a Deed of Variation to facilitate the demolition of the nearby Island House, so who knows what the fate of the Fox & Grapes will be. I'll keep a watch on the very useful and informative Digbeth Is Good blog for the most up-to-date information.

This is the twenty-third in my 'Birmingham Eastside' series.

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