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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

UPDATE : #058 Spotted Dog, Digbeth : 1998 to 2012

Back in March I reported that I'd been on a Digbeth Photo Walk past this pub and nothing had changed. What a difference a few weeks make. The closed Spotted Dog/TJ's looked as though it was never going to reopen, but it has resurrected itself as Suki 10c - a music venue/night club and had a complete external paint job.

This is how it looked when I last took a picture.

Sadly, the news is not all good. The venue has been subjected to a complaint about the noise and is now fighting to stay open. I'm grateful to the Digbeth is Good blog for getting this news out and hopefully the new venue will be able to continue.


  1. Great photo Pete! The venue is working with residents to find a way forward, and hopefully a compromise can be found. There's more information on the Digbeth Residents Association website too: (the comments are particularly insightful!).
    Thanks, Pam.
    Digbeth is Good

  2. I've read the letter and I sympathise with anyone living nearby. Hopefully a compromise that suits all parties can be found.

  3. the letter is rubbish and i am presuming "pete" is the same antagonistic person who likes to complain about everything
    the venue is fantastic and it causes no problems to the area

  4. wow, I did post a reply on here yesterday but it seems to have vanished into the interweb ether.

    However, I shall repeat what I said yesterday.

    Firstly, many thanks for featuring Suki10c and your positive comments. We have tried very hard to transform what was a derelict, crumbling and abandoned space into a beautiful and vibrant creative venture that will constantly evolve and grow as a work of art. We brought together a group of internationally renowned artists to add life and colour to a notoriously dark and dull industrial location. I think the photographs above show that we have achieved something very distinctive.

    Regarding issues with local residents.....well, we did everything required of us by law and have continued to work with the local authorities to address subsequent situation. We have complied with everything asked of us and we are happy to say that the relevant departments are satisfied that we are operating within all restrictions.

    Here's to a future where Digbeth continues to grow as a vibrant and creative area of the city.

  5. I went to Suki10c on Friday. What a wonderful, diverse evening I had - thank you to all concerned. On leaving the premises at 2.00am I walked across the car park opposite and made a point of listening to see how loud the music was because I was aware of the complaints that had been made against them. It could barely be heard, and I was only about 25 yards away. I really don't know why the locals have a problem. The good people running Suki10c are law abiding citizens, trying to make a decent living by providing something good in a run down area of Birmingham. Digbeth will never be regenerated if the 'few' keep on complaining. They must enjoy living in a dump!!

    1. Thanks for all of the comments. I hope Suki10c is a success and that it can work in harmony with the neighbours so that everyone is happy!!

  6. Just a short update to let you know that Suki10c is still going strong....