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Thursday, 30 May 2013

#115 The Wonder, Tividale, West Midlands : 2005 to 2012

When we first discovered Tividale in 2005 I really had no idea where we were in relation to the rest of the West Midlands and it was somewhat of an adventure trying to find pubs and ones that did food at lunchtime.

On our first stop on Thursday 1st September 2005, we came to a T-Junction and turned left. This took us to The Wonder.
A simple two-room Banks's boozer which a few years ago were very common in the Black Country, but are now becoming quite rare. A perfectly adequate pub, but with no food available we moved on to The Plough (#104) and then the Albion Inn (#093), neither of which did food. It was only after being directed up the road to a Toby Inn that I realised just where we were!

I subsequently became much more familiar with Tividale, but that's another story unrelated to pubs and canal trips!

I was back in the area and took this picture as I was passing.
This was on Tuesday 4th December 2012 and I'm pleased to report that it was still thriving. The signage has changed a bit, the windows have been replaced, Sky Sports is available and the most significant change (from my perspective) is that food is available from 12 - 8 pm! Here is the website.

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