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Thursday, 30 January 2014

#139 Ye Olde Talbot Hotel, Worcester : 1997 to 2013

As I was going through my photos I discovered another 'Ye Olde' pub, so I thought I'd run them all together! This week it's Ye Olde Talbot Hotel in Worcester which we first visited on the evening of Monday 26th May 1997.
We had navigated down the Worcester & Birmingham Canal and moored at Diglis Basin for the night. Normally, when in Worcester, we would take the opportunity to go for a bit of a pub crawl, but not this time! One of our regular crew, who likes his real ale, found the beer very much to his liking and was very reluctant to move on. Fortunately it was a welcoming, cosy place so it wasn't too much of a hardship to stay for most of the session.

In the intervening years we've been back to Worcester several times, but have not revisited Ye Olde Talbot Hotel. However, on our last visit we did walk by and I took this picture.
This was taken on the evening of Saturday 11th May 2013, shortly after witnessing Wigan's historic FA Cup triumph. We didn't go inside, but the place has obviously changed quite a bit in the past 16 years, as you would expect.

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