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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

#165 Bull Inn, Llangollen Denbighshire : 1996 to 2014

On our first trip to Llangollen we only stayed in the town for the lunchtime session with the Bull Inn being one of the pubs we visited.
I don't recall much about the interior as this was a long time ago on Tuesday 27th August 1996. It is a grand looking building that gained Grade II listed status in 1989. Back then it was a Burtonwood pub.

The next time we went back to the Bull Inn was for an evening stop on Friday 31st August 2007.
It was quite busy for a Friday night and seemed to be largely unchanged. I assume that it had changed brewery, but I can't make it out from this night-time photo.

Moving onto our most recent visit.
This picture was taken on the evening of Saturday 19th April 2014 and we chose not to go inside this time. It is clear from the hanging sign that it is now a Marston's pub.

It is interesting to note that the shop to the right of the pub is different on each visit, yet on the other side the Ladbrokes shop is a constant companion!


  1. I've often been to Llangollen and visited several of the pubs, but never that one. I don't know how you found it, but it always gave the impression of being the kind of pub where you went through the door and everyone stopped talking.

    1. To be honest, I don't really remember what it was like first time we went there - probably a typical town centre boozer. In more recent times we've not gone in because it has been too loud and, if you look closely, you can see a bouncer on the door in the final picture! (Both weekend evenings)