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Monday, 7 September 2015

#172 The Market Hotel, Ellesmere, Shropshire : 1996 to 2014

A trip along the Llangollen Canal is a rare treat and so we've only visited Ellesmere on a few occasions, the first being on the evening of Sunday 25th August 1996.
As I recall it was a fairly bog standard town centre boozer -relatively commonplace 19 years ago!

We did visit Ellesmere again in 2007, but didn't visit The Market Hotel. Our next visit was at lunchtime on Monday 21st April 2014 (Easter Monday).
Not surprisingly, the outside decoration has changed quite a lot in the intervening 18 years, but inside it is still a town boozer having survived (so far) the economic downturn and the smoking ban. A good description of the pub can be found here.


  1. I've been to the Mere at Ellesmere a few times, but never really had a look round the town itself. Mind you, the write-up you link to says it's in Oswestry ;-)

    1. Yes, I noticed the mistake in the link, but it is the right pub!
      There are quite a number of pubs in the town. If you happen to be there then it might be worth a pub crawl, but its not what I'd call a 'destination' for drinkers!

  2. This prompted me to have a trip out to Ellesmere and a wander round the town. Very nice little place, especially the canal basin and the area round the church. A perusal of WhatPub? suggested that the Red Lion was possibly the pick of the pubs, and it was quite decent (Thwaites beers) although not somewhere you would travel a long way to visit.