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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

#186 Keg & Grill, Birmingham : 2004 to 2015

Having lived here for over 30 years, whenever our canal trips have brought us into the centre of Birmingham, I have always tried to find new and different pubs for my crewmates to sample within easy walking distance of the canal. I'm also keen to find pubs I've not visited before.

This happened on the evening of Wednesday 1st September 2004 when we discovered the Gough Arms.
It was a pub that I didn't know existed and we only popped in for one pint. As I recall it was a fairly standard back-street boozer.

We didn't return, although on at least one occasion we went by and it was closed. It did seem that it was a terminal situation, but happily as I was in the area one afternoon I saw that it was open and completely rebranded.
This was on the afternoon of Wednesday 24th June 2015. It had undergone a complete transformation and, hopefully, with The Cube and The Mailbox nearby it may be a successful transformation.

To visit as it is now, here is the pub's website. Also, to see what the Gough Arms looked like in the 1950's you can see it here.

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