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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

#048 Adam & Eve, Deritend : 1998 to 2018 (Revisited + RIP)

This is another of the Digbeth pubs that I've never been in! In 1998 when I first took this photo of the Adam & Eve I was aware of its existence, but as it was known as more of an entertainment venue I'd not had the urge to visit.
 Moving forward to 2011 the pub looked like this.
Despite the change in the colour scheme, the signs on the corner are exactly the same as in 1998! The windows have been replaced and skylights have appeared in the roof.

It is a pub that I've still not been in and now it is a pub no longer. Apparently it closed in 2015 after a triple stabbing (I bring you to all the nice places!) but was resurrected last year as Evolve - a café and event space designed to provide young people with training. (The upper floor had already been restored as flats for homeless people looking to get back on their feet.)
Evolve Coffee Bar
More information about the pub and its 200+ year history can be found here

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