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Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Bottega Prosecco Bar & Restaurant, Arena Birmingham

I'm breaking two 'rules' today that will possibly see me exiled from the PUB (Pub Union of Bloggers)!

Firstly, I'm going to write about an establishment that won't be officially open until 8th April 2019 (my first trip into the 'future' after just 293 forays into the past and present!)

Secondly, well the title gives that away!

I imagine it to be the go to venue for Mrs RM as she waits patiently for Retired Martin to dash around Brum and gather in the final few ticks of micropubs with obscure opening hours!

If you tire of the excellent range of Proseccos (all direct from Bottega who have been producing wine since the 17th Century) and after you have worked your way through the extensive gin and other spirits/liqueurs there is an excellent range of craft beers on draught - Peroni and Meantime Anytime IPA.

One of the reasons for writing this (and risking my PUB status!) was that I was there when the first ever half of the IPA was poured...and I got to drink it!
The First Beer Poured
It is a hoppy IPA, very refreshing with a traditionally bitter taste and served chilled. I didn't sample the Peroni as I was working. (I was there as the photographer for the Press Launch of the establishment and I'm a friend of the new owner!)

It is situated next to the Box Office of the Barclaycard Arena and is perfectly located for a pre-show (or post-show) drink and meal. It overlooks the junction of the Birmingham Main Line and Birmingham & Fazeley Canals (Old Turn Junction), so it definitely qualifies as a canalside establishment!

This will be the first Bottega Prosecco Bar to also be a restaurant anywhere in the world and so will provide a top quality dining and drinking experience - a welcome addition to Birmingham's buzzing hospitality offerings.


  1. Exiled henceforth �� only joking the PUB welcomes any posts on bars particularly in Brum �� good schmoozing and Mrs BB would love it whilst I would happily drink prosecco all night long (just don't tell anyone ��)
    Britain Beermat

    1. Cheers! I won't tell if you don'!