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Monday, 3 June 2019

#260 Lord Combermere, Audlem, Cheshire : 2007 to 2018

On the Shropshire Union Canal the village of Audlem is well known for its flight of fifteen locks and the two canalside pubs which I've previously reported on (#255) and (#122).

It is a village that we've visited many times, the first being way back in 1981 on only my second ever canal trip. That will also reinforce our sometimes lack of adventure in finding pubs when there are ones so close to the canal. Although, this is quite extreme as it only took us 26 years to venture the 100 metres to the Lord Combermere!

Our first visit was on the evening of Monday 3rd September 2007.
As I remember it was a decent enough pub that didn't really have too much character.

We returned on the evening of Monday 8th August 2016.
It hadn't changed much apart from extra exterior seating, I assume in accommodation of the smoking ban.

Our most recent visit was at lunchtime on Tuesday 4th September 2018.
We'd ventured there as we'd had a terrible lunch experience at the Shroppie Fly a few days earlier and decided to take our custom elsewhere. The pub had had a bit of a makeover and was as pleasant as previously. For a more comprehensive review of the interior of the pub see BRAPA's excellent blog. I can't say that I disagree with his conclusion.


  1. Oh, come on Pete. Tell us about the terrible lunch experience !

    1. To be honest, I can't really remember the details...but I'll give you a 'flavour' of the disappointment.
      We were meeting our friends at the Shroppie Fly and we'd been delayed getting there so they'd had a disappointing lunch (quality of food and level of service). When we got there we decided to also eat there and found a similar poor service and not great food! (Sadly, I can't remember the specifics.)

  2. One of three pubs near the canal in Audlem, and much the best, despite the cabal of middle aged Peroni drinkers.