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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

#035 UPDATE Rose & Castle, Ansty, Warwickshire : 2000 to 2015

When I reviewed our canal trips and my photos I was amazed to find that the first time we ever stopped at Ansty was in 2000, on a week long trip that took us to Coventry. We'd passed by many times but lunchtime on Tuesday 30th May 2000 was the first time we set foot in the Rose & Castle.
As I recall, it was a pub that served very good food, but beyond that I don't remember much else.

Our next visit was another lunchtime stop on Friday 27th August 2004. Again we visited Coventry, but this trip also took us along the Ashby Canal for only our second time.
Now the Rose & Castle was under new management. The exterior had been completely redecorated and, as I recall, inside it had become a bit more 'restauranty', but again the food was good and not expensive.

We were back again on Tuesday 29th May 2007 for another lunchtime treat.
The hanging sign above the front door had disappeared, but a canopy over the outdoor seating at the side of the pub had been installed.
Two years passed and we returned on Monday 25th May 2009 this time for an evening visit!
No apparent changes, but the canopy was extended, no doubt for the smokers.

It was another two years before our next lunchtime stop on Tuesday 31st May 2011.
The only change I could discern was the reappearance of the 'new' hanging sign above the door that first appeared in 2004.

And our most recent visit at lunchtime (no real surprise there) on Tuesday 1st September 2015.
Minimal changes, although the external lighting appears to be different, the canopy seems to be broken, there's less seating for the smokers and the hanging sign above the front door has redisappeared!