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Tuesday, 15 December 2020

#282 The Hampstall Inn, Astley Burf, Stourport-on-Severn : 1997 to 2020

This will only be a short entry for a pub that I've visited only once. 

The mighty River Severn is not a waterway that we visit too often as we prefer the canals - the river can be boring...or...capriciously exciting when the flow is too great for boating (two of our last three visits to this great river have resulted in time lost because the flow was too great!).

Our only visit was at lunchtime on Tuesday 27th May 1997 after a 4½ hour slog up the river from Worcester.

I have absolutely no recollection what it was like inside, but I expect that it was typically country pub...ish!

We've been past The Hampstall Inn on a few occasions since, but the only photo I took was this one on the morning of Saturday August 29th 2020 immediately following our 36 hour sojourn at Holt Lock.

It looks as though the 'lean-to' frontage has been removed, but is now definitely in the Country Pub and Restaurant category.

According to their website, the pub is under new management and, hopefully, they will have the resources to last out the current crisis (and the vagaries of the River Severn).