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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

#002 Dog & Doublet, Bodymoor Heath : 1986 to 2011

I first visited the Dog & Doublet in the early 1980's when I lived in nearby Minworth. It is not easy to find from the road, but was a popular country pub. The photo above was taken in 1986 (30th July - lunchtime) on a canal trip which had taken us to Nottingham from our (then) mooring at Earlswood (and back). The pub is part way up the Curdworth flight of locks on the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal and is a welcome break on the journey for either lunch or an overnight stop.
Now we move on to 2000 (June 1st - lunchtime) and to all intents and purposes the pub hasn't changed at all. However, there is no M&B on the sign which is indicative of the change of pub ownership over the intervening 14 years. The pub is still owned by M&B (Mitchells & Butlers), but they are no longer a brewer, but are now a pub and restaurant company. Inside, the pub has been slightly modified and redecorated, but it still retained the characteristics of a good country pub.
We move on to a cool and damp lunchtime stop on 27th May 2007. No real changes, except that the trees/bushes need a bit of trimming. For quite a number of occasions, whenever we ventured through the Curdworth flight of locks it would be cool, damp and windy!
And so to 2011 (1st June - late afternoon) when we passed by on the journey up the Curdworth flight in, surprisingly, warm and sunny conditions. We didn't stop there this time as we were running a bit behind our schedule, but it is good to see that it is still thriving with many people enjoying the warm sunshine and the canal scenery outside.
Should you fancy a visit to the Dog & Doublet you can find their webpage here.

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