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Friday, 22 July 2011

#001 Three Horseshoes, Stirchley : 1986 to 2011

This is how the Three Horseshoes looked in 1986 when it was a Davenports pub. In those days it was a 'proper' pub with many rooms and it felt like a local. Notice also TWO red phone boxes outside! If you want to see an older picture visit this website.One year later and it looks much the same, but the sign has changed above the old 'out door'. Still a proper pub!
Fast forward to 1995 and the pub is now in the hands of Greenall Whitley, but still a welcoming local.
Now it is 2002 and the old Three Horseshoes is no more! Completely refurbished by Scottish Courage (I think!) and turned into a one room mega pub that doubled as a nightclub at weekends...until trouble outside got too much and it's licence was curtailed.
Finally we come to the present day. I haven't been inside the Three Horseshoes for quite a while now, despite the fact that it is the closest pub to me (equal with the British Oak - see later entry) because, quite frankly, it is no longer my sort of pub. In the daytime it is ok, but at night it is loud and brash...and I'm too old for that sort of environment.

I'm not sure exactly who the current owners are.

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  1. I remember when this was a proper pub with a public bar, Roses' bar and a Lounge serving much missed Davenports ales.
    Alas, in 2013 the pub, no it's not a pub, it's a venue for Jeremy Kyle participants! Noisy, brash and downright filthy, not the kind of place to take your Mrs or kids and unless you like pizza then certainly not the place to eat.
    The woman that runs the place is arrogant, rude with no people skills whatsoever, this reflects on some of the staff who unfortunately inherit her traits.
    All in all, it's now a s**t hole and a bad name for Stirchley.