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Thursday, 19 July 2012

UPDATE 3 : #008 Navigation Inn, Lapworth : 1986 to 2012

I have good news; the Navigation Inn is open again! It reopened about 4 weeks ago and the kitchen will be open for food on Saturday.
I popped in for a look and was very impressed with what I saw. The d├ęcor is light and the pub felt bigger. The uneven flagstones on the floor of the bar are still there, but everything else has a 'modern' feel to it whilst still retaining the ambience of a proper country pub.

There was one thing that really surprised me, though and the evidence is to be seen in this photo.
No, your eyes aren't deceiving you - that really is Guinness on a HAND PUMP! I was informed that this is the only Guinness hand pump in England (and possibly Great Britain)! I'm sure that if this is wrong, one of the beer geeks, sorry, I mean aficionados, out there will put me straight, but as a confirmed Carling drinker even I know that this is a rarity!

I'm glad to see that the refurbished Navigation Inn is open and looking good. Hopefully the good people of Warwickshire will appreciate what they have and make it a success. 


  1. AS a Guinness Geek I shall make my way down to Lapworth, and using my expert experience I will report back to you and your readers

  2. Aaah! The sacrifices you make to report the facts are...well it brings a tear to my eye!! I look forward to your verdict!

  3. That's quite a grip she's got......

  4. Confirmed! Guinness on the handpump. Couldn't believe my eyes. Didn't have any because the other ales were so tempting and I'm basically a bitter drinker. The pints of Timothy Taylor "Landlord" served up were absolutely PERFECT!! My drinking companion reported that the ales he tried were similarly excellent. Make the most, boaters because the pubs down the Stratford Canal are very disappointing for decent real ales - and they close as early as 9pm sometimes. (Even this pub called last orders at 10:45