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Friday, 9 January 2015

#156 Gosta Green, Aston, Birmingham : 1986 to 2014

I realise that I've neglected this blog somewhat over the past few months, but I'm back now with a new batch of pubs to add to the list.

First we'll start with a pub that I've not visited too often, but it makes an interesting case study. The first time I visited as part of a canal trip was at lunchtime on Thursday 31st July 1986 (although I'm fairly sure that I'd drunk there before!).
The Pot of Beer
Back then it was called The Pot of Beer and, beyond the fact that it is almost on the Aston University campus I don't recall too much about it.

Our next visit wasn't until lunchtime on Wednesday 6th September 1995 which was plenty of time to have the pub rebranded as the Faculty & Firkin.
Faculty & Firkin
Apart from the new signs, the exterior of the pub remained largely the same as before. Being part of the Firkin chain made it a slightly more appealing prospect, but again I don't remember too much about the interior.

Finally we move on to 2014 and another new name for the pub, the Gosta Green.
On this occasion - the afternoon of Friday 6th June 2014 - I didn't go in as I was only in the area on another matter. The Gosta Green is now part of the 'Scream' pub brand which is specifically aimed at students. The added hanging baskets make for a more attractive look to the place.

And finally, here's a Photo Digital Art view of the pub from the other end.
© Photo Digital Art 2014


  1. Wub a lub a dub dub

    I used to work behind the bar circa 1993-94 before I went to university...I think it was this experience that damaged my hearing...seem to remember Clive on the door (several bouncers) and Gary the ents manager. Tom was the boss...DJ's booth was above the bar, accessed by a ladder. Great music, great times. Chris Kavanagh.

  2. Tom and Betty? I'm their grandaughter!

    1. Tom had never met me when I walked into the bar and asked him for a job - I didn't even drink! I had an honest face I suppose...The only problem was that once you got to know the patrons...they were always asking for a free day Tom called a meeting of all the staff because the bar was haemorrhaging pints and asked who was giving away free pints? I owned up and thought that I would be fired on the spot, but he gave me another chance. Good man, very kind to me. I think he must have been in his late 40s early 50s at that time...short dark hair and spectacles...if he is still with us, tell him Chris Kavanagh has never forgotten him and his good nature. Best boss I ever worked for. God bless him.