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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

#063 The Railway, Warwick : 1998 to 2011

The Railway in Warwick is a unique looking building, but in reality it is a typical local pub. Our first visit was in 1998 when our boat Emma Jane broke down on our Summer trip to Oxford. We'd spent the previous evening at the Cape of Good Hope, also in Warwick, and Emma Jane's engine stopped quite quickly after we'd set off. Luckily there was another boat nearby and we got a tow to Kate Boats which was only 50 minutes away. Unfortunately it was a Sunday and there was no engineer available to have a look at our problem and, as it was a Bank Holiday there was going to be no one available on Monday either!

Two days in the same place could have been a disaster, but we were on the outskirts of Warwick and in the next two days (= 4 sessions!) we went in most of the pubs in Warwick!

The Railway is the first pub we came to, but I don't think we went in on our first venture into town. However, at some stage we did go inside.
This was on either 30th or 31st August 1998 and I remember little about the visit.

The next time we went to The Railway was on a trip to take Emma Jane to Nuneaton for a new roof and a few other things. This photo was taken on the evening of Friday 27th May 2005 and I'm pretty sure that we had one and then moved on into Warwick.
The pub has changed little, but it no longer shows the M&B sign, the hanging basket has gone and the outside has been repainted.

And so we move on to 2011. Again this was a Spring trip, this time a round trip of the Grand Union, Oxford, Coventry, Birmingham & Fazeley, Worcester & Birmingham and Stratford Canals. We'd moored up late outside Kate Boats and were keen to find a pub to watch the Champions League Final between Barcelona and Manchester United as it was Saturday 28th May 2011.
It was fairly full, mostly with 'anybody but United' fans, but we got seats although the view of the telly wasn't ideal. We only stayed till half-time and moved on to a pub closer to the restaurants for the second half. Over the years, The Railway has hardly changed and it's a perfectly decent boozer, but there are so many more pubs in Warwick that it will only ever be a pub we visit for a swift one on the way into the town centre.

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