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Thursday, 19 April 2012

UPDATE 2 : #008 Navigation Inn, Lapworth : 1986 to 2012

Back in November I reported the closure of the Navigation Inn in Rowington and hoped that it would be reopening soon. Well, I have good news. It isn't open yet, but I had a chat with the new owner and he is well on the way to reopening in about 4 weeks time. This is what the outside now looks like.
I was driving past earlier today and, on seeing the new external decoration, I pulled over and took a few pictures. As I was walking back to the car I peered in through the window to gauge how much was being done to the interior. The new owner, Mark, saw me and invited me in for a chat. 

Mark is a no-nonsense Yorksireman who's been involved in the bar fitting trade for many years and lived in Warwickshire for about 30 years. His plan is for the Navigation to NOT be a Gastro Pub, but to keep the front bar as a drinkers area (no food) and to serve food in the rear room. His view of food is very much like mine - proper, good quality, English pub grub. For the beer drinkers he aims to have 4 or 5 hand pulled real ales, a couple of ciders and a decent range of lagers.

I hope all goes well for Mark and the newly refurbished Navigation Inn.

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