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Monday, 16 January 2012

#045 Lamplighter, Stratford-upon-Avon : 1999 to 2011

The Lamplighter is a pub we've visited on many occasions on our annual Easter canal trip to Stratford. If we moor just on the edge of town it is usually our first port of call on our 'crawl' around the town.
Over the years I've struggled to get a decent photo as there are trees at the front and the corner shot (above) is probably the most attractive, but difficult to get it all in. This was the fisrt time we'd ventured in to the Lamplighter on the evening of Friday 2nd April 1999. The pub has changed little over the years. It is a fairly basic pub that serves beer and food; a straightforward place that will never win any awards, but "does exactly what it says on the tin"!

Two years later and we were back. Of all the visits we've made this was the most memorable.
It was Saturday 14th April 2001 and this was our last port of call on our way back to the boat. Our intention was to have one last pint, but we'd made a slight miscalculation. All our previous visits to Stratford had been on Fridays, Good Fridays to be precise, and in those days the pubs closed at 10:30 pm on Good Friday. Of course we'd forgotten it was Saturday and so the pub stayed open till midnight's impolite to leave a pub before it is closed!

Our next visits were largely unmemorable, but here are the photos anyway!
Saturday 15th April 2006

Saturday 22nd March 2008

Sunday 12th April 2009

Saturday 30th April 2011

Its quite surprising to see that over the 12 years we've been visiting the Lamplighter it has hardly changed apart from the minor alterations made to the outside. Inside it is still the same, basic pub that it has always been.

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  1. When I was a kid it was The Seven Stars.(1960's ish)