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Monday, 30 January 2012

#048 Adam & Eve, Digbeth : 1930 to 1998 to 2011

This is another of the Digbeth pubs that I've never been in! In 1998 when I first took this photo of the Adam & Eve I was aware of its existence, but as it was known as more of an entertainment venue I'd not had the urge to visit.

Moving forward to 2011 the pub looked like this.
Despite the change in the colour scheme, the signs on the corner are exactly the same as in 1998! The windows have been replaced and skylights have appeared in the roof.

This is one of the pubs that I've acquired an early picture of from This picture is from about 1930.
Structurally, the pub is largely unchanged in the past 80 years apart from the colour scheme (I assume!). A chimney has appeared over the corner and the corner windows have been covered over. Interestingly it was run by Allsopps Burton Ales which became part of Ind Coope in 1935, thus dating the picture.

This is the twenty-second in my 'Birmingham Eastside' series.

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