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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

#047 The Duck on the Pond, Long Itchington, Warks : 1997 to 2011

This is a follow-on from #031 from our most recent visit to Long Itchington in November.

Back in 1997 the pub was called the Jolly Fisherman and I don't really remember much about it!
This was taken on 24th August 1997 and was the first pub we came across on our first venture into the village of Long Itchington. We only had a couple of pints before we moved on to the Harvester to eat.

When we got there on 5th November 2011 the name had changed to The Duck on the Pond.
 We probably didn't see it at its best as it was our first port of call on the evening and it was very quiet. Inside it is a bit more like a restaurant than a pub and, with it being fairly empty, there was no real atmosphere. (It was about 6pm and the village firework display was on!)

The exterior of the pub is little changed, but there has been some development of the front patio, presumably to accommodate the smoking fraternity.

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